calorie-burning activities.

Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised. vs. 30

As you can tell, I like to cook. This also means that I like to eat. Food is a wonderful God-given creation. So that means it’s important that I like to work out just as I like to eat. I am by no means an expert on this topic. However, I do have a passion for working out and staying fit. Some of you may have a new years resolution to work out. Getting a work out routine is essential, but sometimes you can burn a few calories throughout the day, before you even get to the gym after work. Rather than giving you a new workout routine for you to “shed those calories,” I thought it would be helpful to give you little things that you can do at the office, grocery shopping, or while at home that burn calories. If you combine these small tips, with a workout routine, your body will sure appreciate you. And you will appreciate it too.

Disclaimer: Working out is extremely important for your physical, emotional, and psychological needs. Please do not replace this with a workout routine.  It’s good to do these little things throughout the day in addition to a regular routine.

11 Activities That Burn More Calories

1. Take the stairs.

Every day I go to work, I walk up three flights of stairs. I use to be breathing pretty heavily by the time I finally reached the top. Now, it actually feels good and gives me a burst of energy.

2. Don’t email or instant message a co-worker (unless that’s the office etiquette), instead walk to their desk.

I have worked a lot of desk jobs. It can go two ways: you sit there all day…and feel really sleepy about mid-day OR you sit there for a bit, get up and move, talk to others, and then not feel quite as sleepy.

3. Park towards the back of Wal-Mart parking lot.

Yeah, be that person. You can just pretend it’s that you want to preserve your “nice” car, even if it is a junker. Sport it. Park in the back. And if you can, carry your bags to the car instead of using a cart to pack em’ there.

4. Clean your house.

With my height and weight, I burn 133 calories per hour just by cleaning. I’m sure there’s an hour worth of cleaning you can do. Put on some music while you do it.

5. Pace while you are on the phone.

If you are chatting with your family long distance or catching up with a friend, just simply pace back and forth. It really doesn’t take that much effort, and it keeps your metabolism going.

6. Drink water.

H2O, in general. is good for our bodies and helps us lose weight. Whenever you drink water, your body works to absorb it and burns calories while it’s doing that work.

7. When you walk, make it brisk.

Instead of lazily dragging your feet, walk briskly. Not only will you burn more but also feel more energetic.

8. Ride your bike.

If you are meeting a friend for lunch just a few minutes away, jump on that bicycle. It helps the environment too.

9. Do the dishes, instead of putting them in the dishwasher.

If I do the dishes, I burn 69 calories per hour. Even if you do it fifteen minutes, it’s something.

10. The day the sun starts shining a little brighter, give your car a bath.

Yes, it takes more time to actually wash it yourself instead of taking it through a car wash. But let’s face it, a car wash costs anywhere from $5-10. And if you get a friend to wash it with you, you can dump the soapy bucket on them after you’re done. Now how fun is that?

11. Don’t just do one of these little activities, combine some or all of them.

Being fit is really a mindset. If you say, “I am going to ALWAYS pace when I am one the phone,” that’s great. However, I don’t know if you will feel or even see many results. The idea is that you take these tips and combine them to have a more healthy lifestyle. Think on a daily basis, “How can I change what I’m doing?”

Also, if you aren’t happy with your figure, I want you to know that God made you in His Image. Beautiful. Yes, take care of your body. But don’t be too hard on yourself. Embrace yourself, love handles and all.