What to do if you have 5 minutes?

She looks well to the ways of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness. vs. 27

What do you do if you have 5 minutes? Take a nap? (you wish!) Sit there and wait on the next scheduled event to begin? Waste time? Do nothing?

Well, in a 5 minute time period, you can actually get a lot done!  Do you ever look at your to-do list and think, “Gosh, I have so many emails to respond to, phone calls to make, things that need to be cleaned, clothes that need to be put away, meals to be planned, and I still have to go to work/school all day!”

Yep, that’s pretty much an every day thought for me.

Over the years I have developed a level of productivity that helps me “get stuff done” in just a little bit of time. If you respond to all of those emails and do all of those residual tasks at once, it could take up to an hour. And you may not have that kind of time in a day. And if you do, it’s whenever you come home after a long day and simply to kick your shoes off and prop your feet up. So the solution is this: Use 5 minutes to do one/two of those small tasks. Not all of these are “not fun” tasks either. Read on, and you shall see!

Side note: The way you can keep a straightened/clean home is through prevention. Whenever you see something that needs to be picked up, just do it. Most of the time it takes less than a minute.

Another side note: If you do these small tasks around the house and at your office during your 5 minute breaks, whenever you have a big project, paper, or etc.. you have to complete, you won’t feel the need to clean up before you can begin. Trust me, I know how that feels too…I often feel like I have to have a clean home before I can type a paper. Well, guess what? That means I am procrastinating from the task at hand. Yes, I am being generally productive but really avoiding the my goal that I set out to accomplish in the first place. While it may be helpful to get it clean so you can focus, I have learned that not every task will always get done. So if you use the 5 minutes you have here and there to get these small tasks done, it will hopefully eliminate some of those tendencies to want to clean while needing to do something else, since it’s already done! 

So here are some tasks that you can do if you have 5 minutes at any point in your day:

1. Unload the dishwasher

2. Grab the windex (or your homemade cleaning remedy…click here to learn more about home remedy products) and wipe down your bathroom sink. I’m sure it needs it.

3. Make a phone call. Not to your long distant Aunt of course…give her a little more time in your day.

4. Respond to a few emails.

5. Start the washer or dryer.

6. Sweep your floor. You’d be surprised what’s on it.

7. Straighten your office desk.

8. Wipe down the inside of your car. You know it’s been a while since that interior has been free of dust.

9. Read a blog post. Becoming a Proverbs 31 Woman is good one to check out 😉

10. Watch a funny youtube video. Preferably about cute kittens. Hey, not everything has to be productive, right? And everyone could use a little pick-me-up during the day.

11. Go through your mail. Sort it. Throw away your bills….just kidding.

12. Take out the trash.

13. Send an encouraging text to a friend! Taking time to build relationships with others is just as important as checking stuff off of your to-do list.

15. Throw dinner in the crock pot.

16. Make your bed.

17. Read the Bible. I like to get on Bible Gateway and look up the verse of the day and think on that for a bit.

18. Sit down. Yes, you are allowed to do that. While this post seems all about productivity, sometimes simplicity allows for more productivity. And sometimes rest is just way more important than completing your tasks.

What are some of the tasks you are able to accomplish if you have 5 minutes? 

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