our first piece of furniture.

She opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue. vs. 26

The Mister and I bought our first piece of furniture for the home we will be moving into when we get married. It was an…interesting experience. Fun, yes. But not really like I had imagined it.

First let me start over. He and I have this “vision” of what we want the wedding to look like. Everyone just wearin’  their Sunday best, old looking furniture in the yard, fall leaves on the ground, delicious tasting pie, and lots and lots of boogie. Not booze…boogie. You know, DANCING. Just to be clear.

Anyway, so over the past I don’t know..8 months or so of being engaged we have been on the lookout for furniture that we want to incorporate for the wedding. Well, there’s this new store in Carbondale called Kirkland’s. I kinda thought it was like a Hobby Lobby style place (no offense to the furniture lovers there). I love that store. However, I wanted a little more rustic looking furniture. However, I was wrong about this place called Kirkland’s. They have some stuff we really like!

We agreed not to purchase any furniture for the wedding that we won’t use in our home. Well, we found something we like. Not only thought that, but I also had a Grand Opening $25 off coupon to use. This piece of furniture, at the wedding, is going to be under the big tree that we will be standing under when we say, “I do!” And yes, I WILL be saying it with an exclamation point at the end of my sentence on the big day.

So here it is…

The funny part about this shopping trip was Mister Cook. I kept saying, “Aren’t you excited?! Don’t you love it?” Since he wasn’t giving me the screeching, jumping-up-and-down reaction I wanted, I kept probing him for more. So he decides to start dancing around the store while speaking in a high-pitched girly voice saying phrases like, “I love it! This is SO much fun! This is a great store!”

Ok. I got the point. Later on he preceded to say, “Sarah, just because I love to watch theater shows with you, enjoy dancing with you, and you call me boisterous..does not mean I care about furniture shopping like you do.”

Very valid point, Mister Cook. I must say, I have a great soon-to-be-husband. He’s beyond what I could have ever hoped for. I can’t always expect him to react  in the ways I do. Yes, he was smiling while in the store. He was positive. And he was happy to be there. No, he was not jumping up and down while using the word EXCITED every 3 seconds. And that’s ok. God designed us differently. And I like that.

So needless to say, our first furniture shopping experience was a success. We got a piece for the wedding (which by the way, will be all decked out with flowers coming out of the drawers and such next time you see it), have a nice table for our future first home, and learned a lot about our differences.


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