pie in mason jar.

She rises while it is yet night and provides food for her household…vs. 15a

This recipe is called Last Minute Oh-My-Gosh We Have Visitors Banana Cream Pie. There are two reasons I LOVE this: Number 1: it is quick and easy. Number 2: it’s delicious and unique. Okay, that was actually like four reasons. Clearly, it’s quite a treat. Basically, it is just banana cream pie, in a mason jar. Brilliant? I’d say so.

So this is what’s up…

I modified the recipe slightly. So you may want to follow my directions versus the link above. Also, I fit the ingredients into 4 mason regular sized mason jars.


1. Whip together two boxes of banana pudding. (4 cups of milk) Let is set for 5 minutes at room temperature.

2. Melt butter in microwave (about 1/2 cups).

3. In bowl, combine 1 cup graham cracker crumbs and the butter. Please don’t use a spoon. Get your hands in there. It’s way more fun.

4. Take the soaking-wet-packed-together crust (graham cracker crumbs and butter) and spread them evenly into your mason jars. Pack em’ on the bottom of each jar.

5. Chop up some bananas and place them in the jars next.

6. Spoon the pudding on top of the bananas.

7. Pretend you work at dairy queen and make a beautiful whipped topping design on top.

8. Top with a banana slice. A small one so it won’t weigh down your topping creation.

Ta da!

This is a really quick and easy dessert, when you have unexpected guests. Or it’s midnight and your sweet tooth is talking.

* This is part of The Girl Creative link party.

* This is part of Cozy Home link party.


7 thoughts on “pie in mason jar.

      • Hi again…..Just stopping by tonight to say congrats! I love quick and easy recipes and this was a great one to add to my Saturday Picks. You were featured on my blog tonight! Thanks again for linking up to my party, and I’d love to see you again next week. Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

      • Shannon,

        Thanks SO much for featuring me! I linked you on my page under link parties. I am continually excited about visiting every week. It’s an honor you used it on your blog. Thanks again! Have a great weekend yourself 🙂

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