living an organized life part 3: your schedule.

Many women have done excellently, but you surpass them all. vs. 29

Life is sometimes a busy mess. Lately, I have been feeling that way about my life. I think it’s an art to be able to gracefully organize your schedule in a way that you accomplish all the things you need to do, want to do, and most importantly ….rest. What does that word mean again?

Also, I have learned that people really appreciate it whenever you say you are going to be somewhere at a certain time and place, and you are there. It’s good to be committed to even the small things in life. It says a lot about your character.

As mentioned before, I am hoping that this blog series will inspire, encourage, and challenge you. This is not intended to say, “Your way is wrong.” Or bring you guilt because your life isn’t very structured. As a disclaimer I continue to say: I don’t expect everyone to enjoy organization the way I do; however, I would challenge you to try out some of these tips in your own life, make them work for you, and see how you feel at the end of the day.

However, I hope that all of you can grow with me in this area because having an organized life liberates your mind from all the distractions of life and allows you to focus on the task at hand.

Part 3: Ways to be organized with your schedule.

1. Don’t schedule too much in one day.

This really takes practice. I still will put like 8 tasks to accomplish on one day..and I NEVER get them done. Don’t do this to yourself. Be reasonable and set healthy expectations for yourself.

2. Decide what task is most important and do that first.

If you do have a lot of things to accomplish, start with the most important first and work your way down. I tend to like to do the easiest or shortest first; however, at the end of the day, that paper due tomorrow never got typed. It helps to do the paper first, then the small things later (in case, you can’t get to those). It’s kinda like when you get laffy taffy and you save the banana for last because you like it the best. Get the paper out of the way, and then do your fun task that night.

3. Write it down and get it out of your head.

I even write things down like, “Call insert friend here.” That way, if I told someone I would call them tomorrow, I remember to do it, and I don’t have to think about it all day. I just remember it whenever I look at my planner. In order for this to work, it’s important to check your planner frequently.

4. If you are very busy, schedule in free time. And stick to it.

If your life is super busy and you just want a few hours to yourself, then make it a point to say something like, “Tuesday at 5pm free time.” And if someone wants you for something, you can say no. Don’t always feel like you have to accept every offer.

5. At the beginning of the week, take a look at your planner and see what your week looks like.

I like to look at my schedule on Sunday night. Then I have a good idea what to expect for that week. Then I’m not blind sided mid-week and think, “Gosh, I didn’t realize I had all of this stuff to do.” This helps me feel prepared for the week ahead.

6. Schedule things like work outs and time with friends.

If you are busy, you naturally want to use any free time that you get being alone or just chilling. While it is very important to give yourself that alone time, try to schedule in the things that you know are healthy for you: working out and spending time with others. This takes care of your physical needs, emotional needs, and even spiritual needs. We can feel the love of God through relationships with others who love Him, and we can grow together.  This is not limited to fitness and friendships. The point is that it’s good to make some of your other needs a priority rather than “if I have time.” Because we never really feel like we have time. And if you don’t schedule it, more than likely you won’t do it.

7. Take a Sabbath day.

Uh oh. I am in trouble with this one. I have yet to do this in my life. Not plan anything for one day and simply rest. Let’s work on doing this together.


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