living an organized life part 2: with school.

…let her works praise her in the gates. vs. 31b

Yesterday was the start of something new. A new series: living an organized life. Some of you cringe at the word while others smile with joy.. Either way I am hoping that this blog series will inspire, encourage, and challenge you. Organization is a lifestyle that produces much freedom when used properly. As I said yesterday as a disclaimer: I don’t expect everyone to enjoy organization the way I do; however, I would challenge you to try out some of these tips in your own life, make them work for you, and see how you feel at the end of the day.

I know many of my readers are students, so this one’s for you! Let’s talk about staying organized with school.

Part 2: Ways to be organized with school.

1.  Use a planner.

There’s no earthly way I would be able to keep track of everything without one of these. I have noticed a trend with planner users vs. planner refusers. The users often remember/have their assignments done more than the refusers. So don’t refuse, but use. Sorry…I am feeling a little too witty today. Forgive me.

2. Whenever you get your syllabus, actually read it and write down ALL of the assignments in your nifty planner.

Reading a syllabus is extremely important because some teachers slide discrete lines in their like, “Two unexcused absences means a lowered letter grade.” Since it is a contract, there is often no way around it because they say, “Well, it was in syllabus.” Then as far as assignments go, I like to write down in my planner the day before its due.  It looks something like this, “Policy- assignment 1 due tomorrow.” This tactic has worked well for me for many years. You don’t necessarily have to write it in a planner. A friend of mine has one whole sheet she writes them on. I find a planner nice because I not only write down homework in it but also household chores, events, and bills due in there as well. It’s helpful when “your life” is all in one place.

3. Don’t wait until the last minute.

I sound like a teacher don’t I? Sorry about that. I have just realized that doing something the night before stresses me out more than my cat dying, so it’s just better not to put yourself in that predicament. Too far? Well, you get the idea. I like to have the assignment done 3-7 days before. That is if your program is designed like mine where we basically know at the first day year what assignments are due for the whole semester.

4. Don’t clean your house whenever you should be doing homework.

Guilty. The epitome of procrastination: doing something else that needs to be done and feeling productive about it while never doing the task that is really supposed to be done in the first place. Okay………moving on now……my toes hurt.

5. Don’t stress out.

How does this help you stay organized? Well, whenever I am so stressed, that stress is a distraction and causes me to lose focus on the task at hand and forget things more easily. Just take one day at a time and let it flow.

What are ways that help you stay organized with school?


4 thoughts on “living an organized life part 2: with school.

  1. Excellent list.
    I’m pretty much loving this organization series you are writing!
    I really need to do better at putting away my coat, purse, lunch bag, etc. when I come home from work… because I am definately guilty of cleaning when I should be doing homework. =/

    • Thank you Savannah! You’re an awesome reader, and I love that! I wanted this series to inspire rather than make people feel guilty and it’s great to hear you are getting something out of it.

  2. I love organization, too! But I haven’t been very organized for the past two years. HA.
    But I thought I’d share this tip…
    I’m not like you, Sarah, and CANNOT get all my assignments done early. In fact, it takes me 3x as long to do something if I do it too far in advance. I guess I just know i don’t NEED to do it yet so the dread and misery make it drag on.
    HOWEVER, it is a super great idea to do things early so for all of you chronic procrastinators… this one works for me.
    Instead of aiming to get everything done early… and failing miserably… I choose one class to read ahead and do assignments early on. Then I’m a little less stressed about everything else.

    • Yeah for sure Meg! Everyone’s different..that’s why I put that disclaimer that you don’t have to do it like me but this is what works for me and it may help people who are lost in this area and feel unorganized. Everyone is wired different, that’s the beauty about how God made us. I like that you share your differences. Thanks for your input!

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