menu planning.

She opens her hand to the poor and reaches out her hands to the needy. vs. 20

My friend Leslie introduced me to this lifesaver method known as menu planning. Actually, my mom has done it my whole life, but I didn’t really realize she did until I became an adult and started doing certain things that she always has done. (funny how that happens, huh?).

So a few months ago, I knew that I wanted to start menu planning but I wasn’t sure where/how to begin. Leslie told me about Money Saving Mom. This site is both addicting and quite resourceful, as her slogan states, “Helping You Be a Better Economist.” Her whole mission is teaching others to live on less so you can save more and give more. I’m for sure interested in that! Then I can open my hand to the poor and reach my hand out to the needy, like verse 20 states.

Basically, all menu planning consists of is printing off one of these meal/menu planners from her website…here. Then planning your whole week out. What you will eat and when. Breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner. Then whenever you make your grocery list (which some of these have a grocery list section on the side), you simply get ONLY the items that you need for that week, 2 weeks, or month depending on which plan you use. So ladies, that means whenever you are walking down that cookie aisle and you see the delicious Milano cookies, you turn your nose in the air and say I don’t need to buy those becaue those are not part of my menu this week. (However, if you really want them, plan ahead and put them in as a little afternoon snack).

So you may be thinking, where’s the spontaneity in that? Well, you can plan on Monday being taco night and then come home and feel like eatin fish instead (which was Friday’s dinner). Just switch them around! No big deal. The point is that you will only buy the groceries you need.

Here’s a tip: make sure that before you make you menu/grocery list, look in your pantry, freezer, and refrigerator to see what foods you already have and make meals based off of that. Don’t just buy all new food for different recipes and have a lot of food already in your pantry. Be smart. I vow to do one new recipe a week. It works well.

Here are some benefits of menu planning:

1. It saves you money.

2.It allows you to utilize the food you already have in your pantry.

3. It saves you gas. (because you don’t make a million trips to the grocery store)

4. It saves you time. (if you pack a lunch to work, then that morning it makes it really simple to look at your menu and see what you planned for lunch that day and grab it from your pantry, rather than trying to figure it all out that morning when you are already running late and can only “halfway fix your hair”)

5. It helps promote healthy eating. (if you plan to buy healthier foods, then whenever you are being a rebel and eat something that is not on your menu, healthy foods are your only choice. Chips are only an option for you to eat if you buy chips)

Kingdom Mom says that there are common excuses why people don’t make the time to plan their meals:

“It’s too time-consuming.”
“It’s way too complicated.”
“I don’t want to cook every night.”
“I’m too busy.”

Well ladies, let’s stop making those excuses! It actually saves time, it simplifies life rather than complicates it, you don’t have to cook every night (plan to eat out once a week or whatever your budget allows), and if you really want to do something, then you will find time (it takes about 10 minutes to do it. so get off facebook, and plan your meals.)

Tell me: Have you ever meal planned? And if so, do you enjoy it?


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