vintage soul.

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I could live in Carbondale my whole life. I love this little city. One thing that I love the most about it is that local buinesses can thrive. In fact, the “commercial” part of town by the mall really isn’t that good because in the downtown area there are unique restaurants like Global Gourmet and also handmade boutiques like Dayshift. Well, a new store has gracefully nestled in our town…Vintage Soul. I was driving by yesterday (located near Harbaugh’s) and got really, really excited about it. The first chance I had, I made a trip to the door and looked at the sign that hung above that said, “Vintage Soul. coffee, furniture, and events.” Sounds like the place I want to be. I walked in and loved it that very minute. They have a neat little coffee shop as you walk in and then lots of vintage, old, used, furniture that has a ton of potential. Considering, Kaleb and I are getting hitched in October, I have a feeling I will be shopping here frequently. There is furniture around the store that you can sit on and drink coffee and or purchase while you are there.

It looks a little something like this…

I talked to the people working there, and they were so kind. They let me know that they get new furniture in every Friday. That means you know where to find me on a Friday afternoon! Whenever I got home I did some research about who owns it and how it got started. According to their website, it is “more than just a business.” Their furniture is for sale and also usable while chilling at the coffee shop. They can also move things around to host parties, wedding receptions, bridal showers, etc…

However, their main mission is to bring social change and help build up the community of Carbondale. Here’s an excerpt from their website:

“Vintage soul is looking to engage the Southern Illinois community in social justice. We employ people who want to make a difference and are willing to work for change. By investing 50% of our profits into local non-profit organization Vintage Soul helps to bring about change in the lives of the community and internationally. Every aspect of Vintage seeks to impact change throughout the world. The Gobena coffee that is used in our drinks and sold in separate bags for you to use at home is fair trade meaning that the workers that produce the coffee are all paid appropriate wages and work in the best work conditions. For every bag of coffee that is sold 1 child is able to eat for an entire month.”

The business was started by what is called Ekklesia Network, which is made up of smaller ministries such as Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, Mercy Mobile, and a few others in the community.

So folks, let’s shop locally and support our community! We want to see Southern Illinois thrive.


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  1. Sarah! I know Justin, one of the founders of Vintage Soul!! He took some ASL classes at John A with me!!! I’m super glad you love the store!!

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