a new wardrobe…well, kind of.

Strength and dignity are her clothing…vs. 25a

Sometimes I am a bit of an organization freak. Most of the time I can’t relax until everything is in its place. Problem? Yes and no. On one hand, my life is quite structured and organized which allows me to have freedom. On the other hand, my life is quite structured and organized which is quite constraining.

Let me explain. Because of the way my mind works, I am good at multi-tasking, and I am quite efficient in the home, workplace, and at school. However, I often lack spontaneity and the ability to let things go undone. So basically, I’m not always a lot of fun. I feel like people closest to me in life often think, “Why don’t you just chill out?” I’m working on it, ok? Give me a break! No, in all seriousness…I am trying to let Jesus show me a good balance between productivity and simplicity.

This weekend I went on a little organizational spree. The reason I did this was because I am going on a little shopping trip to STL on Saturday with some girls. I would like to not spend unnecessary money that day, but rather get items I really want/need/ or will use a lot. So, in order to prepare for that, I organized my closet.

Here’s a tip: whenever you feel like you don’t have “anything to wear,” go through your closet. You will discover belts, shirts, and other items that you forgot you had hidden in the dark crevices of your closet. Also, as you are organizing it…you will discover how that one summer shirt can be combined with that one winter shirt, and now it can be a summer AND winter outfit!

Ok, here’s my closet before…(keep in mind, it wasn’t terribly unorganized, but enough where I felt overwhelmed and like I didn’t have anything to wear)

I decided to rearrange things a bit…

I put my tanks hanging on a nail in the corner of my closet…

My winter clothes together sorted by type of shirt (type meaning a cardi, casual shirt, dressy shirt, sweater, etc..)…

My jeans organized by type as well (skinny first, then boot/flair/tailored fit)…

Then I decided that my scarfs needed a new home. I didn’t like them all thrown in a basket by my shoes because then I forgot about different ones I had. So I wrapped them around my closet bar and used them as a divider between my winter and summer clothes…

Then I made an entirely new section for the clothes that are shirts/dresses that look good with leggings! I was super pumped about this because leggings is one of my favorite things to wear, and now I have a nice section just for those items that can easily be a summer long shirt or a winter dress with leggings….

Next came my summer shirts, dresses and shorts (in the back for now since I won’t be needing them) (this area organized by type just like the winter shirts)…

Then I put belts on the opposite side of the closet from the tanks on a belt holder…

And I stacked my shoes nicely on the floor (in the future, I want some neat organizational shoe shelves)…

And this is what it all looked like after…

The best part of this whole experience (besides feeling like I had a while new wardrobe) was that I had a HUGE pile of clothes to give to friends and the goodwill…

P.s.- please donate to the goodwill. I appreciate it when you do and so do lots of other people who get clothes and other amazing items that you may think is not useful anymore.

So there you have it! Now I have a good idea of the items that I am on the search for on Saturday. And when I go to my closet to pick out my outfit for the day, I feel like I can more easily put together a piece of art to wear because I can see everything more clearly.


4 thoughts on “a new wardrobe…well, kind of.

  1. Can you come organize my closet? Seriously lol. You make me want to go shopping, I have maybe a 1/3 of the clothes you do. No wonder you always look so cute! Love you

    • Yeah! you name the time and the day..and I will be there to organize your closet! For real. πŸ˜€ Thanks for your sweet words. Love you blogger, bridesmaid, vintage lover friend πŸ™‚

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