allergies…be gone!

She perceives that her merchandise is profitable. vs. 18a

Some people think I’m a tightwad. I like to call myself thrifty.

Ever since about a year ago, my allergies have gotten really bad. I have developed a pretty severe case of not just seasonal but year-long allergies. It looks like this: I wake up and feel bad and go to sleep and feel bad unless I’m medicated the entire day. Well, I’m sick of it. More than anything, I am sick of spending money on meds. Since I take a day and a night medication, it gets pretty expensive every month (in addition to my vitamins as well).

SO…as I complain about this on-going problem in my life, I have had many people tell me local honey can help allergies. I would frequently think, “I need to go buy some local honey.” But then I would never do it. Well, for Christmas my dad went all the way to Murphysboro and met with a woman to get me A LOT of local honey! What a Christmas present! Allergy relief.

I was a bit skeptical about it. Well, my night medicine costs $45 (after insurance covers it) for a supply. A few weeks ago, I noticed my pill bottle was feeling light so I glanced down and noticed that I only have a few left. Which means me spending money to get more. The thought sickened me. I was so upset because I feel like I shouldn’t have to be medicated all the time just to feel good.

So, I refused to buy any more night meds. Every day I drink a cup of hot tea and douse it with local honey. And let me tell you something…(it’s been about two weeks)…and it works!!! Wow, thank God for local items that make me whole. I am still on my day med and sometimes feel bad in the mornings, but I am not completely miserable like I normally am.

I am learning to be more thrifty in small ways. And also it’s better for my body than all that medication. I pray Jesus will heal my allergies completely so I eventually can go off of all my medications.

If you are tight on money, think…what can I do differently? Think outside the box. Most of the time, there’s a solution or a better way to do things.


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