a little switcheroo.

Her children rise up and call her blessed;
   her husband also, and he praises her:
 “Many women have done excellently,
   but you surpass them all.” vs. 28-29

I have to let you in on a little secret: Being a Proverbs 31 woman is not completely self-sacrificial. In fact, you gain a lot from trying to live out this lifestyle that God calls us women to. While I am trying to put myself second, and my future husband first, he often surprises me with something. This something usually lets me know HOW MUCH he really does appreciate me. Whenever I serve him, he then wants to serve me. The words serve here is the biblical term of the act of servanthood towards each other. He leads me because I want to follow him. I serves him, he serves me, and we want to serve each other.

So the other night, my man and Jordan’s man, served us. They planned a double date for all of us. What’s so special about that, since that happens often? Well, we had nothing to do with the planning and therefore, were not sure exactly what would be taking place. Kaleb and I drove to Carterville to meet them at their lovely home. On the way Kaleb demanded that I not use my sniffer to smell all of the surprises he was bringing to this event. Ugh! He doesn’t get it….I can smell something good or bad (unfortunately) from a mile away! However, I still, out of respect for him of course, tried to block out all delicious smells in the back seat. When we got there, they made us hide in the bedroom, while Jared also brought in lots of bags of something. Then whenever they finally let us come back in the room, there was a big table of pretty much every food we absolutely love from this area. Yeah! All of our favorite foods and drinks in one place, at one time, for us to eat! Woah! Then they each said something sweet to us, about how they appreciated us, loved us, and all of those other sweet nothings into our ears. Then we feasted. Some of the food that was there was my favorite from Thai Taste, Jordan’s favorite from Taste of India, McDonald’s nuggets (which I secretly crave A LOT), fried pickles, coke glass bottles, and the list goes on..

Then we went to see the movie, “We bought a Zoo,” which was heartfelt and sweet. Then back to their house for talk by their fireplace about our Savior Jesus.

What men they are. And what a night. It was nice to blog about something that I had nothing to do with.


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