surprise party of the century: part 2.

She does him good, and not harm, all the days of her life.vs. 12

In case you haven’t heard, Sunday night was coined the surprise party of the century. To learn more about it check out The Surprise Party of the Century: Part 1.

Guests started arriving about 6:30pm and everyone was there by 7:10pm. Skyler, our good friend, made Kaleb a sweet banner in his honor…

p.s.- he informed us that the banner is true in that it is the actual weight of an iMac! You non-geeky readers may not understand. It’s okay, we forgive you.

Then the man of the hour arrived and everyone jumped out from hiding in the deep corners of my apartment….

We screamed, “OPEN IT! OPEN IT!” He realized his iMac had arrived, and thanked His Father in heaven….

Then we ate, socialized, laughed A LOT, and burned up the dance floor with some Wii action… I think the pictures explain it all…

Well, I think that says it all. I can’t wait to have more surprises for Kaleb the rest of our lives.

Many of the pictures are by Joyce Young…check out her blog!


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