project #1: complete.

She makes bed coverings for herself; her clothing is fine linen and purple. vs. 22

I completed my first sewing project! I made a pillow for my friend Jordan…

Up close, in your face shot…

Jordan has her own business where she creates things and sews anything and everything. It is called LilyWhite Designs. She told me that the hardest thing is learning your machine. And once you get that figured out, the rest comes a lot easier. Well, she was right. My machine and I are becoming better acquaintances. I almost put the smack down on my machine because of my frustration with her not doing what I wanted her to do..but you know what? It takes just a little bit of patience (well, actually a WHOLE LOT of patience) and a vision for what you want to sew in the future. Now my sewing machine and I are liking each other a lot better.

Also, my friend Amy knows how to sew well. She is helping me too! So between my momma, her and Jordan, I think I have the best teachers ever.

So there you go! Continue to track my progress with sewing. I am getting ready to start work and school again so I may not be able to be as fast of a learner as I would like. But I am not giving up. And please give me tips, advice, encouragement (I especially like that) and project ideas! 😀


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