gift idea for a friend.

She is energetic and strong, a hard worker. vs. 17

My friend Jordan is one of my favorite people to hang out with. About two weeks ago we went on a road trip, and she was talking about how her birthday was coming up. Then we got in a conversation about organization. She said, “Sarah, you are one of the most organized people I know.” Hmmmm what I compliment! But I often wonder why I get coined the “organized one.” I like organization; however, I am far from being perfect in that area. Either way, I liked that she said that. AND THEN she asked me if I would be interested organizing her closet. So we decided that one of her birthday gifts would be for me to come over, give her some tips, and organize her double closets and make them look like a piece of art.

On Tuesday night, we went to TJ Maxx and got a lot of organizational tools. (Basically, she got a shoe rack, a sweater rack, and a “as seen on tv” vacuum bag).

Then on Thursday, I went to her house…she cooked me lunch and while I was eating she looked at my sewing machine (which is messed up….whew! It’s not the machine operator that’s the problem, it’s the machine! what a relief. p.s.- I like to tell myself that to make myself feel better; however, the machine operator still doesn’t know how to use or fix the machine. So that’s only partially true. But you know what? I’m not givin’ up!)

After that, we tackled the closets.


Making progress…

Let me tell you about these “as seen on tv” vacuum bags. When Jordan first picked them up, I was thinking, “Why are you looking at vacuum bags right now? We are looking for organizational items!” Then I realized what they do!

You put something like clothes in them (like maybe your off-season clothes), and then you hook the vacuum up to this little suction nozzle. Turn on the vacuum.  Then it’s kinda like a’s sucks every bit of air out of it.

It’s really more fun if you fist pump and yell when it is happening…

It looks like this when you are done…

Ok. You ready to see the after?!

……………you sure?


I was trying to be a combination between the Mad Hatter & Vanna White…you think it worked?

All joking aside, look at her closets!

So, if you want to give a good gift to a friend, organize her closets. I offered to do it all myself; however, she insisted on helping which was awesome. More than anything, this 4-5 hour organizing event turned into a really fun hang out time. And I think that any friend really appreciates time. In a busy society like ours, I think giving time is one of the best gifts you can give.


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