craft room.

Today was an eventful day. I woke up and started another sewing project. I worked on it for about 2 hours…and I got nothing done. I tried sewing a pillow, one like the other day, just larger. For some reason everything went wrong. First, I started out oiling the machine by the bobbin. Then I cut my fabric and decided to sew. The needle got stuck probably 5 times. Then my thread kept coming loose. I would sew an edge, and then it would tear apart easily. Everything went wrong. I was losing patience and getting frustrated. So I decided to stop for the day.

Later I thought that I should at least get something accomplished so I went to look for a sewing table. This past week I had already went go to the Good Will and Thrift Shop in Carbondale probably 3 times a piece and didn’t find anything. So I took a little road trip to Murphysboro. I got further frustrated by the high prices in the downtown antique shops. They have things that I want but I can’t have. As I was driving back to Carbondale, I prayed that God would help me. Just help. Give me patience and help me not to give up. I really want to learn to sew, and I really want to have a neat little space to do it in.

Before I went home, I decided to stop by the Thrift Shop once again. Nothing. Then I thought I should go to the Good Will because you never know…someone may have gotten rid of a table in the past day and decided to donate it.

I walked to the back where the furniture is. I glanced to the right, and there it was. A sewing machine cart. And a cool-looking one at that. I was like seriously?! Someone JUST donated this to the Good Will?

It is neat because it is on wheels and whenever the door is closed it looks like this:

THEN there is a leaf on the left side. Whenever you open the left door, it has a latch that attached to the leaf and looks like this…

Then whenever you sew, you can have your feet in there pressing on the pedal.

So I called my lovely fiancé, ecstatic about my find. I asked him if he would be able to help me pick it up and bring it to my apartment. He agreed and was thrilled about it…

Can’t you tell? hehe

So the room I am making into a craft room is the hallway/laundry room right as you walk into my apartment (before you walk into the living space). I am not finished with it by any means. But here is what it looked like before…

As we were moving it in…

My craft room after… (a work in progress)

Look for upcoming posts to see what I do to it! Any ideas? I would love to hear from you!

The day started out very irritating for me; however, I decided to keep my head up and not give up. The best moment was after Kaleb helped me move it up the stairs, he hugged me, and said that he believed in me. He said that I shouldn’t expect to be an amazing sewer right now but that he knows that one day I will be. He said he was proud of me. Gosh, that was worth it all. What I felt like a failure was just another try. And I am going to keep trying until I get it right.


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