the stylist.

“She makes her own bedspreads.” vs. 22b

I knew the day was coming. I have been anticipating it for many years now.  What day might you ask?

The day that I knew I needed to learn to sew. I had always imagined it being me forcing myself to learn to sew on a button, hem pants,  or make a pillow so I could be that mom/wife who is a superhero and can fix anything. But you know what? The exact opposite happened. Yes, the day did come. I felt this overwhelming feeling of needing to sew. But I really WANTED to sew. I desired it so badly and couldn’t wait until I could get a sewing machine and actually put that needle on that fabric for the first time.

I can tell Jesus is changing things in my heart. He is preparing me to be the woman He designed me to be.

So first step:

Get a sewing machine.

I was concerned about spending a lot of money on a sewing machine and all of the materials I needed with it. Well, Cyndie, Kaleb’s step-mom, gave me her grandmother’s vintage machine for free.

Isn’t she a beauty? A Singer Stylist 457. On Christmas Eve, I brought it to my parent’s house, and my mom and dad were both showing me how to get started. However, the needle was stuck. Cyndie told me that she wasn’t sure if it worked, but that it was mine to have either way. What a blessing. So I am going to take it to a shop and see if they can fix it. I really want it to be the sewing machine I use. But for the time being, my mom said I can have/use hers. I have amazing, giving moms in my life.

This one’s a beauty too!

Step two:

Learn how to use a sewing machine.

This is an on-going process. But my momma showed me some basics. I brought over some scrap fabric for us to practice on…

Step three:

Be brave, and try a little project.

I have been really, really badly wanting to make pillows. So we had fabric but no stuffing…so we took some cotton balls from the bathroom…and made a tiny pillow.

This is by no means a tutorial because I am not a sewer extraordinaire yet. However, I learned that to sew a pillow you cut out two pieces of fabric the same size, put them together with the fabric side touching each other (like inside out), sew three sides, reverse it to be outside in, pin the last side, then hand stitch that last side.

My mom was enjoying taking pictures…

Hand stitching the last side…

Step four:

Look at what you made (no matter how imperfect or small) and smile.

I know, it’s just a tiny pillow. However, I felt accomplished. And I decided it can be a little doggie pillow/toy (until they tear it up that is)…so I set it on my roommate Dria’s bed…as a Christmas present for her puppy, Millie.

I am so excited to continue learning how to sew. Are there any simple projects that you could help me with or recommend? I would love your feedback!


3 thoughts on “the stylist.

  1. You could make kaleb an awesome camera strap cover, or bow tie! Those are pretty simple. If you ever need help let me know, I LOVE to sew and can do quite a bit and have some beet tricks I could show u.

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