treasure hunting.

An excellent wife who can find? She is far more precious than jewels. vs. 10

One time Kaleb and I were playing a relationship game with two other couples. They asked a question like, “Kaleb, what is Sarah’s favorite thing to do on her day off?” His answer was…”Organizing and cleaning her house.” (which by the way, does bring me great joy)…. However, my actual answer was spontaneously go to thrift stores, antique shops, etc…the whole day.

Today was one of those days. Except this one was an estate sale. This is whenever someone passes away, and the family opens up their home to sell their possessions to the public.

I like this for two reasons:

1. I feel like I learn a lot about the person who is now deceased….

(for example, today my friend Jordan found a newspaper that was framed from the 1800’s whenever George Washington became the first President of the United States….how neat is that! It may have been passed down to this lady  for a few generations. Either way Jordan and I had a good conversation trying to figure out why that was in her home. Then she bought it for her husband’s vintage-style office as a surprise for him).

2. It’s a treasure hunt.

I probably walked in each room at least 10 times and every time I saw something new I didn’t see before.

AND they let you open their cabinets, drawers, everything (if it’s not already laid out)…and if you are patient… you will almost always find a treasure.

I have been going to these for probably a few years now, but more recently have I really been appreciating them.

So today, we took a road trip an hour and a half away to small-town Mcleansboro, Illinois. And by we I mean Jordan, Laura, and myself…

Enthusiastic? Probably an understatement. We were stoked.

So here are the treasures I found…

An oil lamp. We will be changing the top of it to a clear glass, and then putting it on our guest table at the wedding.

An antique dial phone.  I want to display this in our home someday. And Kaleb said, “If nothing else, our daughters could play with it.” That melted my heart. What a guy.

A mustard colored vase. The color makes this a jewel to me.

A tart warmer. I light candles so much in my apartment, and they burn so quickly. Jordan highly recommended this to me. She said that is makes your home smell amazing. I am excited about trying it.

It has a light bulb in the back of it to warm the tart that you place on top.

Mason jars. These are also for the wedding. I am collecting them as I see them. They also make good drinking glasses while waiting for our big day.

So I got all of that at the estate sale for under $20. I feel like it was a steal.

Then whenever I went through Harrisburg,  I stopped to see my friend Kim. She gave me my Christmas present….

What a nice surprise! My friends Jordan and Abbie have a company called LilyWhite Designs, and they make bags like this and all other handmade items. I haven’t gotten a new bag in a few years. So I was very happy to receive this. A great Christmas present indeed.

Finding all those treasures was definitely great today; however it wasn’t the highlight of the day. Spending 3 hours with those two gals in the car was by far the best part. There wasn’t one moment we didn’t have something to talk about. And the conversation was so uplifting and meaningful. Treasure hunting is fun, but it was even better because I could use it as a way to hang out with two of the best women I know, learn from them, and grow closer to our Maker together.


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