soup warms the soul.

“She…provides food for her household” vs. 15b

Today I felt like eating soup. It was warm and cozy in my apartment and cold outside, so soup sounded perfect. And I just happened to have leftovers from the asian salad I made the other day. So, I threw a bunch of things together and made soup for me and my roommate Dria.

Here were the ingredients…

Also, I added some slivered almonds on a whim. Then I cooked it on the stove.

Pretty simple eh? And healthy too. I liked it because it had a good salty taste and crunchy texture. If you want the ingredients to not be so crunchy, then I would recommend leaving it on the stove longer than 15 minutes. But I liked it that way.

Also, my friend Laura and my mom informed me the other day that cabbage has a lot of fiber…so I am attempting to cook with it more often.

What type of soup warms your soul on a cold winter day?


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