making something look old.

She seeks wool and flax, and works with willing hands. vs .13

So I have a three week break…of no class or work. Wow! What to do with myself?!

Well, I have various projects (some wedding and some random other stuff) that I have been wanting to do. Some of these things are gifts for people, DIY projects, and learning a new trade (like sewing). So pretty much every day I have been doing something new.

For Christmas, I really wanted to bless people with something sweet, but money is a little tight right now. My friend Jordan gave me a great idea to write people letters. So yesterday and today, I have been doing just that. However, white paper is boring. So I decided to make it look old. Now you can do this similar process to other things besides paper (fabric, etc..). So here’s how to make paper look antique:

1. Pick out paper that is good letter writing size and maybe an off-white color.

2. Put a tea bag in boiling water for a few minutes, then take the tea bag and spread it over the paper. (I prefer doing it this way rather than just pouring tea on a piece of paper because it makes the color uneven and the paper isn’t completely drenched.)

3. Put the paper in the oven on 250 degrees. (I wouldn’t put it any higher than that) Oh! And watch it closely and leave it in there until it dries and then take it out. (I originally forgot to take a picture of this step, so that is why the paper is not tea stained..whoops!)

4. Light the edges on fire. Don’t forget to quickly blow it out! I would recommend just doing like a very small piece (maybe an inch) at a time. It takes longer, but setting an entire side of paper on fire could result in problems.

5. Once the edges are all burnt and neat looking, get a nice black pen…well any color really but I think black looks best on old-looking paper. And have at it. Write a meaningful letter to someone you love.

And here is the result: (by the way, I wrote the letters in cursive and I realized something about myself: I am horrible, and I mean horrible at writing in cursive! I suppose it’s the thought that counts!)

Tell me about a neat project like this you have done before! I would love to hear from you.


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