nifty and thrifty.

She makes bed coverings for herself; her clothing is fine linen and purple. vs. 12

I have learned to appreciate old things. Old furniture, old homes, and old clothes. I use to get this high feeling whenever I would buy myself something new. Now I get that same feeling whenever I find a great vintage buy.

Lately, my roommates and I have been in a really-excited-for-Christmas mood. We have been decorating our apartment. I really wanted to contribute; however, money is obviously tight for a college student like myself.

SO I had this bright idea that The Thrift Shop here in Carbondale may have a few things. Specifically, I was looking for a square red table cloth and other odds and ends.

I walked in and to my left there were TONS of Christmas decorations!!! I about fainted. Not only that by they had a red tablecloth, perfect size, for $1.49!

I got all of these items for 8 bucks and some change…

We will be adding more decorations..but for’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around our apartment.

The dining room…(isn’t the table cloth nifty?)

The kitchen… lots of glittery things!

The sitting area…

The living room…

The bathroom…(who doesn’t wanna see a little snowman every time they go to wash their hands?)

And last but not least, our nativity set…

Ta da! Both nifty and thrifty. I hope to always do things for less. You can make a home look cute and still be thrifty.

Be looking for my Christmas tree post! We will be putting it up soon.


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