for every season.

She doesn’t worry about her family when it snows;  their winter clothes are all mended and ready to wear. vs. 21 (The Message)

My not-so-technological camera phone took this beautiful picture a few weeks ago. When I look outside today, many of these colorful leaves are falling off of the trees…bringing about change….a season called winter.

Winter. That word use to make me cringe. It meant 4 months of continual cold hands and feet that would never warm up until the sun came closer again. More recently, I have been learning to appreciate the different things that each season brings.

Things about Fall I will dearly miss:

1. the warm rich colors

2. all things pumpkin..soup, candles, cookies, etc..

3. bonfires (especially the smell of them)

4. the excitement of experiencing the season that our wedding will fall in (no pun intended).

5. the clothing

6. the warm breeze

7. the trees

8. the desire to be outdoors

9. pie

10. the fact that it’s my favorite season

Things about Winter that I am excited about:

1. staying warm under a blanket

2. white snow

3. crackling fireplaces

4.’s already beginning to look a lot like Christmas

5. snow days off of school (hopefully!)

6. sweaters and boots

7.  black Friday (yes, I am one of those crazy, bargain shoppers)

8. Christmas break

9. sleeping in until I can’t sleep any more

10. warm soup all winter long

You know, just like the physical seasons of the year, God is sure teaching me to enjoy all the seasons He brings me through..even the “winter” ones. Because there is good in all of it. If God made it, then it must be good.


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