An excellent wife who can find?  She is far more precious than jewels. vs. 10

This past weekend Kaleb and I drove six hours to Kansas City. Why might you ask?

These people right here.

Specifically, Caleb Mitchell got accepted to medical school at Kansas City this Fall, and all of us went to visit him. Tina (on the left) drove 12 hours from Hamilton, Alabama where she is currently studying at the Ramp School of Ministry. Sage (next to Caleb Mitchell) is from Carmi, Illinois, about six hours as well. Sage and Caleb are dating.  😉 And of course,the other Kaleb is so happy to see his friend and groomsmen, Caleb, that he can’t help but put his hand on him letting him know he is excited to see him.

The best way to describe our weekend was spontaneous and fun-filled. Kaleb and I haven’t seen most of these friends since summer, and we had great conversation.

On Saturday afternoon, we went to the Farmer’s Market downtown.

Then for lunch we went to this neat hole-in-the-wall restaurant that was really unique and really delicious.

Jerusalem Cafe.

We got the best seat in the house…a booth by a window (and the weather was beautiful that day!).

We ordered this melted cheese appetizer…and it came out like this…

ON FIRE! How neat?

Then we went shopping, and I had fun trying on lots of things that I didn’t buy.

However, I did buy a few things…

A new “professional” bag from Urban Outfitters. Next year I will be doing an internship at a school, and I really don’t want to carry a backpack in there…I already blend in with the kids enough! Plus, being in graduate school has inspired me to want to feel more adult-like. So here’s my bargain bag that was on sale for $20 dollars (originally $48).

Then I bought a dress that I am going to wear on our honeymoon from Forever 21.

Although it’s tempting to wear it before, I shall save it for the honeymoon 🙂

The next morning we all went to Caleb’s church, the International House of Prayer (IHOP) church. Worship was amazing. Then we had a nice brunch at IHOP. <—-pancakes not prayer.

We had to all say our good-byes that afternoon. We all talked about how thankful we were that miles does not alter our friendship. The only change that happens is that it makes our relationships even stronger.

Just like a good wife, friends are far more precious than jewels like verse 10 says. I would to be one of those women who values and maintains friendships…no matter how many miles separate.


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