the important things.

“Her children arise and call her blessed;  her husband also, and he praises her” vs. 28

Two of my favorite things in life are…

AND…hanging out with this gal here…

And I got to enjoy an afternoon drive with both the delicious coffee and great friend, Jordan.

We went a little adventure to the Whitecotton Antique Mall (out by the lake of egypt). I was especially excited to take her there because I recently discovered this little treasure in the country. We were planning on going to a bunch of places that day, but we ended up spending so much time in there that we could only make it one other (that’s how neat this place is).

My special buy of the day was…

An antique real leather purse. It’s got that leather smell and everything.

I’m learning to take time to enjoy the good things in life like coffee and drives with friends.


This week’s new recipe was a bit of a disappointment. I cooked Ground Beef Pie. The reason I chose this recipe is because it didn’t have a lot of ingredients, and I have been trying to save money. Well, not a lot of ingredients=bland tasting food. (at least with this recipe it did). So I know not to cook that anymore! But it was worth a try.


On a better note, Kaleb has really been wanting this linen British khaki suit from J. Crew. The regular price was WAY out of our price range, but I told him that I would sign up for their emails and check back every week to catch a sale. Well, it was WORTH THE WAIT! This week is 25% off and free shipping….which means we will be getting the suit of his dreams and saving approximately $100.00 off the original price. Woo hoo!

Take a look at what he will be wearing as I walk down the aisle…

The only difference is that my man is way more handsome than this J. Crew model 😉

I am blessed like vs. 28 says.

I am learning to take more time for the things I really enjoy doing (even if that means putting homework aside). Spending time with people like Jordan is one of the most important things in life. Cherie, Kaleb’s mom, once told me that whenever I am about to die and I look back over my life, the things that I will be thankful for are building the relationships of my family and friends, not whether all my chores were done.

I am also learning to patient await.  The suit is a small example of having the patience. I hope to not live on impulse but rather be patient and wait knowing that everything will be taken care of in perfect time.


8 thoughts on “the important things.

  1. Such wise words to take the time out of your day to enjoy things and people you love! I’ve found that when I do that, I’m such a happier person and I’m more satisfied with all the blessings and wonderful things in my life. Plus, when I’m happy I’m also more productive when I do have to get to work on homework and chores! 🙂

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