in pursuit.

“…but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.” vs. 30 part b

This weekend was refreshing. To say the least. The Vine had a fall retreat at Jonathan Creek, Kentucky. Here…

Beautiful huh? Plus, I was able to bring my southern accent back since we were in Kentucky! In all seriousness, Getting away to worship Jesus is wonderful and having a setting like this makes it all the better.

The theme was In Pursuit of our God. That’s exactly what we did. Worship, Teaching, 7am Devotional, Nap Times, Outdoor Activities, and (the necessary) late night drives to Wendy’s was what it consisted of.

Also, God is teaching me that building authentic relationships with girls whom I can be accountable to is so important in this walk with Jesus. So here were some of the girls I enjoyed getting to know better..

& of course some of the girls in my small group…

Part of being a godly woman is surrounding yourself with other godly women and growing together in love. It’s great when I have women that I can be transparent with.

The best part about about this weekend was diving into God’s word and relentlessly worshiping.  One moment in particular during worship, I just wept because I was thinking about where would I be without His love and grace on my life.  One song that we sang a lot was “What Would I Have Done” by Bethel.

I started the weekend out by reading in 1 Timothy about pursuing righteousness and prayed that over the retreat. God met me where I was because of my pursuit of Him.

May what I have gained this weekend not just be a one time experience, but rather an ever-growing, changing love that increases for my God and others around me every day.


4 thoughts on “in pursuit.

  1. Another enjoyable reading. I’m glad you week-end went so well, and your picture’s are spectacular. You are such an enjoyable young lady and I’m sure the girl’s that you surrounded yourself with in paticular felt this and the love you share of God. Continue to do his work Sarah because you do it so well. Love ya……Aunt Nancy

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