“She sets about her work vigorously; her arms are strong for her tasks. ” vs. 17

I love it when God is teaching me something. Lately it’s been simplicity. For some reason, I have this idea that my value is based off of my productivity. That if I am not constantly doing something and “making good use of my time” that I am less of a person, Christian, or woman. Well, like always, God is showing me that my thinking in this is incorrect.

When I look at verses like the one above, I assume that it means that I should always be vigorously working. However, it seems to me that the more tasks I have my hand in, the less productive I am in those tasks. It’s better to do a few things well than to do many things poorly.

At the fall retreat, Sándor had us write down all of the things that consume our life. (work, school, relationships, etc..). I wrote down 19 things. Ahhhh. I realized that I am very involved in lots of tasks yet I am not thoroughly enjoying it. Yes, I am positive every day when I am work, school, etc.. However, I slowly feel bitterness trying to creep in because I don’t feel rested or I have trouble being still.

Recently, I have been not been able to go to sleep. I will lay in bed for maybe a good 45 minutes to an hour (even after I was up since 5:30am). This doesn’t seem right to me. Normally, I would be exhausted at the end of the day. Yes, I am thankful for energy, but I feel that it is slightly misplaced. My mind is running 100+ miles an hour, and I have to fight it just to be able to go to sleep. That’s not healthy.

So, I am trying to simplify my life. For my regular readers you may be wondering: “Where’s the pictures? What’s the recipe of the week?” There is none. Sometimes simplicity means that I don’t always do things the same way just because I feel I have to. I can do what I feel, and if that means not  cooking or cleaning or doing something “productive,” then that’s what it means.

One way that I recently simplified life was by taking a  leave of absence from Red Lobster. I love that job. And I didn’t want to quit. So my manager offered me a leave, where as needed, I can work on my breaks (holidays, summers, etc..).  I always had to work Sundays, and I wanted to be able to use Sunday for what it’s meant to be. Also, school is very important, and I was feeling drained after Sundays and not ready to start the school week again. This leave of absence thing is definitely not a normal decision I would make. Typically, I would justify working another job because I needed the money and it’s always important to save. Well, guess what? God’s gonna provide. He has already given me a great kid sitting opportunity that is relaxing, fun, and in Carbondale. Not quite as stressful as a server job in the middle of Endless Shrimp Promotion. With kid sitting, I can have every Sunday off. Wow, just typing that sentence makes me happy.

As I have been praying about this simplicity idea and wrestling with God about my pride issues, I stumbled across this blog…. (please read it, it is very inspiring). Sometimes I need someone to just say, “It’s okay to be still.”

No Shame in Stillness.

So watch your favorite tv show, go for a walk and look at the leaves, or take a nap. It’s okay…you deserve it.


the important things.

“Her children arise and call her blessed;  her husband also, and he praises her” vs. 28

Two of my favorite things in life are…

AND…hanging out with this gal here…

And I got to enjoy an afternoon drive with both the delicious coffee and great friend, Jordan.

We went a little adventure to the Whitecotton Antique Mall (out by the lake of egypt). I was especially excited to take her there because I recently discovered this little treasure in the country. We were planning on going to a bunch of places that day, but we ended up spending so much time in there that we could only make it one other (that’s how neat this place is).

My special buy of the day was…

An antique real leather purse. It’s got that leather smell and everything.

I’m learning to take time to enjoy the good things in life like coffee and drives with friends.


This week’s new recipe was a bit of a disappointment. I cooked Ground Beef Pie. The reason I chose this recipe is because it didn’t have a lot of ingredients, and I have been trying to save money. Well, not a lot of ingredients=bland tasting food. (at least with this recipe it did). So I know not to cook that anymore! But it was worth a try.


On a better note, Kaleb has really been wanting this linen British khaki suit from J. Crew. The regular price was WAY out of our price range, but I told him that I would sign up for their emails and check back every week to catch a sale. Well, it was WORTH THE WAIT! This week is 25% off and free shipping….which means we will be getting the suit of his dreams and saving approximately $100.00 off the original price. Woo hoo!

Take a look at what he will be wearing as I walk down the aisle…

The only difference is that my man is way more handsome than this J. Crew model 😉

I am blessed like vs. 28 says.

I am learning to take more time for the things I really enjoy doing (even if that means putting homework aside). Spending time with people like Jordan is one of the most important things in life. Cherie, Kaleb’s mom, once told me that whenever I am about to die and I look back over my life, the things that I will be thankful for are building the relationships of my family and friends, not whether all my chores were done.

I am also learning to patient await.  The suit is a small example of having the patience. I hope to not live on impulse but rather be patient and wait knowing that everything will be taken care of in perfect time.


“She gets up before dawn to prepare breakfast for her household..” vs. 15a

Made from scratch. Homemade. Those words use to intimidate me a lot. Contrary to popular belief, I am not much of a homemaker, like I desire to be. Thus I made this blog…to motivate myself to become that woman. Recently, I have been thinking about how I have never made homemade bread, dough, etc.. So this week, I made homemade BBQ Chicken Pizza. Many of you may be thinking: Homemade pizza? That’s easy! In response I would say: I know right? Why didn’t I know that?

I really enjoyed the feeling of making something from scratch. The Pioneer Woman inspired me once again…

These were the ingredients for the pizza dough..

(Whenever you go and buy yeast, if you don’t need a lot, it’s like 3 dollars less to just buy this little package).

Here are the ingredients for the pizza toppings and such…

If you read my last post, you know that onions and I don’t get along. Yet for some reason I keep choosing recipes where I have to chop them up and torture my poor, sensitive eyes?! This time was slightly better…probably because the way that I chopped them.

This was the best part. I really, really wanted to flip it in the air. But I don’t think I’m that advanced yet. I will get there!

It serves about 8 people. And I even have some dough left over so I can make another type of pizza in the next few days.

Anxiously awaiting the final result…

About 15 minutes later…..

TA DA! A homemade masterpiece. Then I brought some to Kaleb, and he was pleased.

I hope to make more homemade breads and such in the future.

in pursuit.

“…but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.” vs. 30 part b

This weekend was refreshing. To say the least. The Vine had a fall retreat at Jonathan Creek, Kentucky. Here…

Beautiful huh? Plus, I was able to bring my southern accent back since we were in Kentucky! In all seriousness, Getting away to worship Jesus is wonderful and having a setting like this makes it all the better.

The theme was In Pursuit of our God. That’s exactly what we did. Worship, Teaching, 7am Devotional, Nap Times, Outdoor Activities, and (the necessary) late night drives to Wendy’s was what it consisted of.

Also, God is teaching me that building authentic relationships with girls whom I can be accountable to is so important in this walk with Jesus. So here were some of the girls I enjoyed getting to know better..

& of course some of the girls in my small group…

Part of being a godly woman is surrounding yourself with other godly women and growing together in love. It’s great when I have women that I can be transparent with.

The best part about about this weekend was diving into God’s word and relentlessly worshiping.  One moment in particular during worship, I just wept because I was thinking about where would I be without His love and grace on my life.  One song that we sang a lot was “What Would I Have Done” by Bethel.

I started the weekend out by reading in 1 Timothy about pursuing righteousness and prayed that over the retreat. God met me where I was because of my pursuit of Him.

May what I have gained this weekend not just be a one time experience, but rather an ever-growing, changing love that increases for my God and others around me every day.