he leads me.

“The heart of her husband trusts her…” vs. 11

Becoming this woman is not always easy. Yet one thing that makes it a lot easier is whenever you have a man to lead you rightly. I heard a local  pastor once say that he has never met a woman that was unwilling to be in biblical submission to her husband whenever he was in biblical submission to Jesus. Kaleb makes it pretty easy for me. I desire to be that woman for him because he leads me like Jesus does. He trusts me, and I trust him.

On Saturday night, my roommate, friend, bridesmaid, and fiancé’s brother’s girlfriend (aka…a pretty important gal in my life) and I got all dressed up.

Upon taking cute and fun pictures of ourselves, we drove over to our significant others’ house. When we arrived, Kaleb and Kyler had the house all set up for a candlelight style dinner. They prepared a huge meal for us…

This was the main course…need I say more?

Then we ate, laughed, and talked about life and all that’s within it. I love my future family so much.

I have no doubt that whenever we get married, and I come home at 9pm at night from a long day of work and night class, Kaleb will take care of me. He not only can cook, but cook well. And for that I am thankful.So for the guys reading this you may be thinking: So food is the key to a woman’s heart?!? Wait, I thought that was a man! Yes, women love food. But it’s about the little acts of kindness that serve her so she can better serve you.

I trust his leading…and that helps me be that Proverbs 31 woman.


3 thoughts on “he leads me.

  1. Love it! So very true! I find that there are many women today that don’t desire to be this woman! I don’t understand how you couldn’t want to be! I admire you and it is nice to be reminded that there are other women out there that feel the same as I do! 🙂


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